14″ Ultra HD 3D Phone Screen Magnifier Movie Video Amplifier

19,850 Fr


Using the ultra-high-definition screen amplifier, you can create a portable mini home theatre anywhere! Your eyes can avoid visual fatigue caused by a small screen. The fantastic screen amplifier can offer you an excellent and astonishing viewing experience by providing high-definition picture quality images. Expand your smartphone screen 3 to 4 times to keep your distance from it and protect your eyes. It does not need batteries, and it works with any smartphone. Perfect for watching movies, videos, and much more on your phone.

  • Ultra Clear View: The phone’s screen magnifier is equipped with a 3D acrylic lens that is clearer and brighter than an ordinary lens. Against blue radiation to protect your eyes, reduce visual fatigue caused by long-time focus on small screens.
  • Comfortable and safe HD screen: The HD screen magnifier adopts the latest high-definition zoom optical technology, increases the screen size 3-4 times and does not slide, makes the image clearer, and you can fully enjoy the home theatre effects! It provides a comfortable, stable, and safe viewing experience.
  • Portable Smart & Sleek Design: The rotatable folding and lightweight design offer the ultimate portability, allowing it to be folded up for easy storage when not in use, and it can be placed in your bag. Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, camping, travel, leisure, anywhere.
  • Eye Protection: The magnifying glass can prevent eye strain caused by the small screen. With a larger viewing angle, you can watch clearly, enjoy more with less radiation and eye damage.
  • Compatible with all phones: The screen magnifier is foldable, portable, and suitable for all types of smartphones. Its simple and elegant design makes this smartphone magnifier a perfect gift for friends and family.
  • Screen size: 12 inch, Dimensions: 260 x 174 x 9mm


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