4Kgs FLAMMART ABC (Multi-Purpose) Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

31,500 Fr


FLAMMART ABC (Multi-Purpose) Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
ABC Dry Powder, Aluminium Phosphate based powder is highly versatile class A, B,C & E for fire fighting medium suitable for most risks. When it is applied to hot ad smothering surface, the particles swell to form a barrier to isolate the oxygen, thus preventing re-ignition. It is a non-conductor of electricity and has the ability to provide operator a heat shield has a fast fire knock out effect. They are widely used in commercial, home, industrial plants, warehouse, woodworking areas, but not recommended to use on expensive delicate equipment.

Special Features

~ABC Chemical powder, produced after intensive and thorough research, is very effective against A, B , C and E fires.
~ABC Chemical powder is harmless to human and animals and does not soil utensils.
~Moisture produced stays longer , thus preventing fire form rekindling.
~FLAMMART Fire Extinguisher are ideally suited to high risk environment where fire hazards are mixed.
~FLAMMART Fire Extinguisher retain their effective fire-fighting qualities , inspite of extreme hot of freezing cold weather.
~Easy to service and spare part readily available
~Require minimum maintenance (at least once a year)


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