Mon Gramour by arqus

45,000 Fr


Enthusiastic and delicate, Arqus Mon Glamor is a symphony of natural nobility and maximum openness, ready for anything. Fleur resembles in disclosure one of the masterpieces of the Yves Saint Laurent brand, and maybe even surpasses it in strength. Style and completeness, these are the main pillars of a work that can easily step over its own time. From the first touch, a revelation of peach and fruit tenderness comes to us. But this is only the beginning of the magic, then we will discover a fragile veil of garden chrysanthemum with jasmine sugar buds and a captivating spring magnolia branch.
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Aris Perfume

Specifications of GLAMOUR ARQUS Men
BrandAris PerfumesSKU267771577_PK-1482710919Cologne Type


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