robot window washer – sparkling clean windows

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You can control the Hobot 2S in three ways

Via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android smartphone app. The only real value this adds is to alert you when ‘Windy’ has finished a pane of glass and needs moving. You do need the app occasionally for firmware updates.
The remote control is more convenient as it can initiate cleans, change directions, spot clean, turn off the spray or spray extra cleaner.
Or there is a single start/pause button on the unit that remembers previous settings.
Hobot 2S
It runs off a DC plug pack with about a 5m reach. It also has a battery to ensure about 20 minutes of power/vacuum if the power goes down.

Make sure you have a 240V power point within reach. The unit is ‘balanced’ to lift the thin safety and DC cables – not a heavy extension cable.

It has a 4.5m safety rope. While it did not take a death dive, please tie it off if working from upper windows.

Cleaning pattern
By default, it rises crablike to the top of the glass pane and then executes a right/left/down one/repeat cleaning pattern followed by an up/down polishing pattern. It is very logical and effectively covers the surface twice.

The dual 15um sprays – more of a fine mist – are for the left/right horizontal movement. They do not spray during the vertical polish. I also found it best to use Windy when there is little or no wind as the mist can be blown away rather than wetting the window.

Hobot 2S
It comes with three 24 x 24cm washable, reusable cleaning pads (three-pack is $19) that should last for years. But we estimate that each pad needs to be changed about every 15-20m2, so buy a couple of extra packs.

Don’t reuse a dry wipe pad for a wet wipe – it is already dirty. The pads cover right up to the edges.

Hobot Pads
Hobot claims it cleans at the rate of 1m2 per 2.4 minutes (80 seconds). It actually takes twice as long, but the claim is correct as it needs to do two passes (see cleaning pattern above).

At the end of a clean, the robot returns to its original placement. It then sends a notice via the app as well as a verbal prompt.

You know it is there. We measured 60dB at 1 metre.

Cleaning fluid
The blue is more for a polish, and clear is more for grime cutting. The twin tanks hold about 30ml each and are good for at least 30m2. The vacuum applies the equivalent of 6.5kg downwards force on the


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