Sony NW-WS623

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The WS620 series bears more similarities to the WS410 series, that is, salt waterproof, supports ambient mode to listen to surroundings while on a workout, 12 hours battery life, 4GB storage. It then inherits some capabilities from the WS610 which WS410 lacks, which is connecting to Bluetooth devices. Hence, WS620 is able to enjoy music either from internal storage or from Bluetooth-connected audio devices. The new WS620 can also support FLAC files.

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Looking at my previous review notes on the WS413, the WS623 appears to have improvements over the sound quality. Unlike the neutral tuning on the WS413, the WS623 sounds clear with sufficient details and brightness. The bass is firm and not boomy, certainly not going to please bassheads. When connecting over Bluetooth, there appears to be slight shift in the frequency response downwards. In Bluetooth mode, you can control the playback and volume with the respective buttons, as well as activating ambient mode.

Sony NW-WS623 review by

And for the first time, I wore earphones for a swim, and I am loving it! Instead of hearing the swishing and swashing of waters against my ears, I get to enjoy uninterrupted music. Granted, the audio quality is not as clear due to the additional film on the swimming eartips, which makes the audio less bright.

Sony NW-WS623 review by

The NW-WS623 puts some pressure against the ears to keep them from falling. As a result, it could cause discomfort to my ear canal bones after wearing for a while. Fortunately, the headset force enables me to place the earbuds just outside the ear canals loosely and continues to stay in place throughout my runs. The ambient mode does not create any excessive wind noise during runs, which is excellent.


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